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III Konferencja naukowa z cyklu Muzeum - formy i srodki prezentacji

Muzeum okręgowe im. leona Wyczółkowskiego w Bydgoszczy
14 - 16 września 2015 r.
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Réka Krasznai

Hungarian National Gallery, Department of Education
is an art historian specialized in 19-century art at the Department of Paintings of the Hungarian National Gallery (Budapest). After completing a 3-year study stay in Paris including a 8-month internship at the Curatorial Department of the Musée d’Orsay working as Assistant to Curator on the exhibition “Allegro Barbaro. Béla Bartók and Hungarian Modernity 1905-1920”, Krasznai returned to the Department of Education of the Hungarian National Gallery where she had previously been employed as a museum educator. She was co-curator – with Zsófia Sepsey – of the unusual and innovative exhibition “Hyperlinks. Reflections on Rippl-Rónai” (16 October – 16 November 2014, Magyar Telekom Registered Offices, Budapest), the first exhibit in Hungary to display actual artworks in a public space.
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10:50 - 11:10
Museum Experience Outside Museum Walls" – New Challenges and Opportunities in Museum Education
In 2014, the organizers of the yearly held Autumn Festival of Museums appealed to the Hungarian museums to step out of their walls and take their exhibition and/or museum education program to public space. The Hungarian National Gallery responded by creating an unusual exhibition which – for the first time in Hungary – displayed actual artworks in the open social space of a work environment. By bringing the museum closer to people, the project encouraged art appreciation as part of everyday life, just before or after work, during lunchtime or coffee break. Thus the effort to engage the community outside the museum walls met with the ambition of increasing visual and art literacy among the wider public. A comprehensive look on this initiative will reveal the opportunities that lie in such an enterprise without concealing the challenges and problems surrounding it. The principal benefits concern museum marketing, museum education, as well as the core of any fine art museum: the collection. At the time when museums are reassessing their reserve collections and adopting a variety of approaches to open up and utilize their stores, such outside (or should we say outsider) exhibition could be another way to exploit the potentials lying in the hidden resources of a museum. The purpose of this lecture is to discuss this new phenomenon in museum education – "a museum experience outside museum walls" – and its methodology through the example of the exhibition Hyperlinks. Reflections on Rippl-Rónai.